Parents Guide

Home School Conference

We are announcing that we will no longer be hosting the PARENT'S GUIDE HOMESCHOOLING CONFERENCE.  We have determined that the viability of continuing to host this conference no longer exists.  The 2014 PG Conference held in May of 2014 will be our last conference.  We would like to thank our vendor who have supported us and attended our conferences over the past 20 years.  We would also like to thank the conference attendees who have also supported this conference and have come from far and wide to attend the conference.  Your support and dedication in attending our conferences has been appreciated over the years.  The reasons we are ceasing to host the conference is that we have had increasing difficulty in attracting vendors to attend.  Our vendor hall has had 30% less vendor tables rented out that just 5 years ago.  It seems that many vendors are also having difficulty justifying attending conferences due to competition from on-line sales.